• invi FAQ

    These are some of the common questions we are asked.

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    What is invi?

    invi is a beautiful, lightweight messaging application that makes your chatting experience fun, fast, and free.



    How is invi different?

    invi allows you to share any type of rich media like pictures, YouTube videos, music and links as you text and continue chatting as you watch or listen.



    Does invi cost anything?

    invi is completely free to use. IM Messages are free over both your wifi or data plan. invi does not charge anything for sending or receiving any type of message.



    Does invi take up a lot of data from my plan?

    We worked hard to make invi as light as a feather. It takes up almost none of your data. The only data it will consume is that of videos you play through it, or any other media you download – just like any other app which shows media.



    Can I register on two devices?

    Yes, as long as you use the same phone number to verify your account. All of of your chats will be automatically synced.



    Do I need to have friends on invi to get started?

    No! invi is an SMS replacement app on your Android device, which means you can chat with anyone. If they have invi - they'll get a message in their invi app; otherwise, the message will be sent as a standard SMS message.



    How do I know if my friend is on invi?

    Tap on the 'new chat' (plus) button in the inbox. Any friend who has the invi icon on their photo is an invi contact. Remember that even if your friend doesn't have invi yet, you can still use invi to chat with them - messages will be sent as SMS.



    What is the media center, and how do I use it?
    The media center is accessible from either the inbox or within a chat page. To open or close the media center, use the big white button at the top center of the screen. In the media center you'll find mini-apps that offer a lot of fun stuff to view and share with your friends.



    How do I create a group?

    In the inbox, tap the 'new chat' (plus) button in the top-right corner. Select the friends you want to add to the group, then tap 'Create Group' at the bottom.



    How do I remove myself from a group?

    Go to group settings and tap on ‘Leave the group’.



    Can I disable my friend’s ability to see when I am in the chat, or when I have recently looked at their chat?

    Currently you cannot disable this. Please let us know if this is important for you, and we will add this ability soon.



    How do I change notifications for a group?

    We haven’t coded this feature yet, but it’s coming soon!



    Can I customize how the chat looks, such as the fonts and colors?

    We are going to include many customization settings soon!



    How can I report an issue?

    Send any issue you encounter to support@invi.com – we listen very carefully and pretty quickly. You can do this easily by tapping on your cover photo while in the inbox and then tapping on “Contact Us!”



    Do you take my privacy seriously?

    Yes, we do. invi will never use or transfer your personal information for any purpose other than allowing invi to function properly on your device. See full documentation of permissions required and why we require them here: http://goo.gl/az3TYq



    Is invi available in my country?

    Yes it is!



    How can I help make invi better?

    Thank you for asking :)


    1. Send us feedbacks at support@invi.com - we listen very carefully.


    2. Rate us and give us some lovin'! A five-star rating and nice comment will make us smile. :-D


    3. Join our beta group. Get the newest invi before they hit the market. Play, explore, and tell us what you think.


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    5. Help us translate invi to your language.


    6. Enjoy invi as your default SMS app and invite your friends to use it too


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